Hello and welcome to Las Vegas Tantra massage. I personally designed this site to give you detailed information about the different types of massage service offrend from 'Tantra, fbsm, therepeutic, and body to body massage. We will explore several tantric techniques to awaken and stimulate your Kundalini energy ( the mystical heat in the body ). When aroused, it rises up the spine and moves in sinuous style of a snake.

Exquisite, Ecstatic, electric, Full body, sensual, Erotic tantric, touch and massage, Healing awakening and pleasure!

I am a Tantric Practitioner and teacher, tantrika, Goddess in the flesh! ... skilled in the sacred sensual, erotic, taqntric healing arts!

I specialize in full body Tantric massage rituals ( The Art Of Ecstatic touch and whole body worship ) touch and pracitice, to awake and expand you, enlighten and enliven ) relax and absolutely pleasure you!

Skilled in various massage energy and healing modalities, i combine thereapeutic, sensual and tantric techniniques to take you into deeper states of presence ( awareness, consciousness) relaxation ecstasy and pleasure! Let my nurturing, exquisite Goddess touch, energy and presence take you on a very special journey of awakening and pleasure. It is a continuous and ever-expanding journeyh of self- discovery....blending our, sensuality sexuality and sprituality, while empowering each individual to become more and more of there hightest potential, as God and Goddess in the flesh, which is pure and divine love and light.

What is Tantra?

Tantra has different meanings to different people and techniques will vary. Tantra is a word that means "sacred" or spritual sexuality" and is about learning to become conscious of how to work with ( control and direct) the sexual-creative life-force energy for greater and extended arousal , pleasure, health, intimacy, connection and fulfillment in our bodies, relationships and lives.

It is a path, lifestyle and spritual practice... of awakening and expansion, enlightment and empowerment, embodiment and attunement ( at-one-ment )...Surrender, communion and divine union...of full self-expression! that recognizes, honors, and celebrates our divinity-divine nature, essence, presence- as Gods and Goddesses in the flesh!

It is grounded in the paradigm that we are energentic, multi-demensional begings and co-creators with the divine -universal, natural spriritual laws and truths - here to awaken, expand, to weave and enjoy all the senses and enjoy all the senses and pleasures this life and body can give an co-create the life and relationships of our dreams!

To reach me you might email me at vegastantrarub@aol.com
call me at 248-432-7201